Working on these guys.

I have two projects going right now. One is in red cedar, which I love, and wish we had more this far south in Michigan.  The other is cottonwood bark from Canada.  Only had a couple hours this week to carve. Need to carve more to continue to get better. Tried a different way to do the nose. Also cut the eyes on the cedar with a V and a knife, which is new I usually have just used a knife.

Marty Eddinger Woodcarvings

Marty Eddinger has taught me a lot and first got me interested in woodcarving. When he was in TN he showed me his new interest. Put a chisel in my hand. I ran it up some cedar and I was hooked on woodcarving.  He has taught me, encouraged me, and helped me so much. Woodcarving has brought a lot of peace and joy in my life. Marty told me he really felt the Lord’s presence  when he carved.  I understand that now that I do it. It is amazing ministry to me. He and his wife have moved back to Michigan a few years ago. He lives a couple blocks from me. We carve together when we can, and we both wish it could be more. I am so grateful to Marty and his teaching and encourage Here are some of his latest. He is a pretty amazing woodcarver, friend, pastor, teacher, and one of my greatest encouragers in my life.

NOTE: 2/10/17  Marty suddenly went to be with the Lord last week. He will be so missed by so many. I will miss him more than words are able to  express. I will cherish our friendship, woodcarving, and ministering together forever. 


American Indian in Cottonwood Bark

Finished this guy tonight. He is smaller than normal. Cottonwood can be splity, and the nose came off at one point.  I got it back on though.  I thought the cheekbones looked good, but I have a lot of work to do yet learning noses and lips.

Memorial Day Weekend Project

Started this project with some of that amazing cottonwood bark from Canada. It carves so sweet. I am taking my time as I don’t want to mess up this great piece of bark.  I am continuing to push myself forward to learn more and get better at carving.

What are you carving?

Do you love cottonwood bark.

Butternut Mountain Man


I carved this for a friend who gave me a Zune 32 gig. I found a wormy spot in the beard which made it brittle and discolored.  Carving butternut is great though. I wish I had gone deeper in the wood and popped the face out more.  He loved it.