A Millennial in Cottonwood Bark

IMG_5849This was a fun guy to do.  My July 2016 project I guess. Shop has been so hot, I have not carved out there much.  I left the eyes without pupils.  Alec Lacasse does that and I think its a nice touch artistically.   You should check out his stuff for sure.  Here is his link.  I took a lesson off him last year and will be scheduling another one. He is pretty amazing.  Click Alec Lacasse Artist and Sculptor.

Bloody Fingers Woodcarving Club

Since starting to carve I have gotten some friends interested. One, Dean, started a club at our church. We meet once a month, eat, carve, talk, and eat some more. It has been a great group of men to carve with, encourage, and pray for. I look forward to carving together each month.  I appreciate Dean leading this group.  Carving with other brings inspiration and motivation. If you live in Monroe County Michigan or the Toledo Area, throw a message and I’ll let you know of the next meeting to carve.

Carving With Marty

I got a chance to carve with Marty Eddinger yesterday. He is the one that introduced me to woodcarving. Hes my main woodcarving encourager. He has moved back to Michigan so we get to carve together once in awhile. He is a great teacher and an amazing carver.  He is also a great friend and a pastor at our church (Compelled Church) in Temperance, MI and Toledo Ohio.  He has some great carvings and continues to get better.

Woodcarving is Amazing

My name is Nate Elarton. I am 50 and started woodcarving about 8 years ago.  I married for 29 years, have amazing kids, pastor a church, play some instruments, and want to be a better woodcarver.

I am by no means a professional woodcarver. But I love it.  Back in 2007 I went to visit a friend in TN, Marty Eddinger, an amazing woodcarver and teacher now, and he asked me to come to his shed and to check out a hobby he was getting interested in. He handed me a chisel and I ran it through some Tennessee Cedar and I have love woodcarving ever since.

I don’t teach any classes, I am not that good, and I have only carved and learned from Marty and another amazing carver Alec Lacasse in Rochester, MI.

Woodcarving releases some creativity in me, but I find it peaceful, theraputic.  I pastor a large church in Temperance, MI and another in Toledo Ohio.  I have several pastors on staff, and there is so much to do. Woodcarving gives me peace as I escape the pressures of leadership, and it helps me be a better pastor and I hope I am becoming a better woodcarver also.

I have carved in the round, whittled, carved with chisels, powercarved, and I have enjoyed it all.  I seem to go back to faces.  I love looking at a carving and feel it’s alive looking back at you.  That is a great feeling to me.

I also launched this site as a place to index in pics some of my carvings.