About Nate Elarton

IMG_0516(1)My name is Nate Elarton.  I started carving wood in 2008. A friend introduced me to carving. I ran a chisel through some cedar and just got very interested in woodcarving.  I have carved on and off since then but the last few years have increased my carving and my interest has grown.

I am like most woodcarvers. I have never taught a class, never won an award, never sold a piece, I just enjoy carving wood.  I am learning all the time, and wish I could carve more than I can or do.  I love the peace when I carve, the creative dynamics, and the friendships built around wood.

I live in Temperance Michigan, have been so happily married for 33 years to an amazing and beautiful women, Wendy. I  have 3 amazing children, and my wife, Wendy and I pastor a great church we planted in 1996, Compelled Church with a campus in Temperance, MI and Toledo Ohio.  I also enjoy leadership, music, I play bass and piano and write on another site @ Nateelarton.com

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