Hitting the shop while at home

With the corona virus keeping us home more than normal I am out in the shop carving more than ever before. I am trying to push myself and not carve just what I am familiar with. I did sell a carving through Instagram, so I ordered more Bark to keep me stocked to carve. Thank you for the amazing bark from Western Canada Cottonwood Bark. I will be carving more today. I have a few new pics. My daughter is a photographer and took some wonderful shots. I will post them below.

I am also looking forward to classes online with an amazing carver Alec Lacasse. Alec is one of my instructors and a personal friend. Here is a free lesson Alec Posted, then go to his sight to sign up for his class information (Click here) If you can ever carve and learn from Alec, you will be blessed, as I have. He is a great teacher.

Again, carving brings me peace. During these times we need the peace of God. Here are some recent pics. (Thanks again Abby of Storylines Creative)

A Medieval Dragon in Cherry wood. I love carving realistic faces but am stretching out.

Some final Touches

This is a prince of a distant land. His headpeice and the details symbolizes his royalty. I am not done with him yet, and yes I made this all up, but it’s my art :).

One thought on “Hitting the shop while at home

  1. So happy for you carving and it giving you Godly Peace, Nothing greater Then The Peace of God. The face carving is great & the Look upon his face. Sorry you folks couldn’t come for a watercolor class, had all the stuff ready; but my gums aren’t healed yet w/the prednisone and antibiotic, but feel good other than that. I’ve been blessed reading my Bible, looking thru 90 some photo books and many of you & family, all our Joy trips all over USA, Adriane & Anna at Abby’s B.D. Party and at camp, I felt like I was going to all those states again and w/Hal to State, Hawaii & Vancouver Car Shows~ Enjoyed Marisa has been able to make it so far and her family is fine. PTL And All rest of Family, B.Morgan called last nite, Betchers called today and the kids~ Trusting, Believing, and Praying & thanks for your messages on FB and e-mails.

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