Why I love wood carving

I love woodcarving. Since that first time I held a chisel in 2007 in Newport TN when Marty Eddinger encouraged me to “give it a try.” I connected emotionally with carving.  I have never considered myself an “artist” but I know I am.   I love music. It moves me.  I create weekly messages to communicate Christ to the church I pastor.   That is a form of art.  I am attracted to creativity, even though i am an “8” on the enneagram I am often a #4.

I love creating. I love the “shop”. I love the smell, the space, the feel i get when I walk into my shop.  The wood, the past are, the music/podcasts I play. I love it.  I love the friends I have made, the ones I carve with.  I love the fellowship when I carve alone.  I mean God is the greatest creator.

I often chuckle at those that “poke” at me for carving, saying they don’t have that kind of time. Well, I know we make time for what we love. People are sitting too much. I know most people watch a couple hours of T.V. a day. I don’t watch that much.  I don’t hunt, or fish much, hate golf, but I love wood. I am loving the creating, artistic side better.  There is just something about working with your hands.

Cardiovascular disease is the western worlds biggest killer, with stress being one of the main contributing factors. Creativity seems to be the ultimate stress buster, and artists have an ability to move effortlessly from the analytical left brain mode into the sublime right brain creative mindset, dissolving stress in the process. “Being in the zone” refers to that magical state of being completely engaged in something to the point of a near meditative state. This single-minded immersion is like being on autopilot, totally in control without consciously thinking about the process.

Picasso once said, “when I enter the studio, I leave my physical body at the door “. I too feel like that.

I love the learning involved. I have learned to carve. It’s not a gift. I have to read, study, take lessons, practice and fail. I love it all.

Woodcarving my not be your thing, but something is and it’s not watching cable and Netflix all the time. Learn an art, an instrument, a hobby and enjoy it. Woodsculpting is a gift from God to me and I am thankful.

5 thoughts on “Why I love wood carving

  1. Thank you for this. For sharing. It validates thoughts and feelings in others who may not be in the same space mentally or the right time for them to express the same. Well done. And may you continue!! Blessings!! Tom B from Utah.

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  2. It has been a blessing to me Nate, to watch you grow in your passion and expand in your gift and your talent over the past 11-12 years! You have well accomplished different aspects that I have desired to, but because of life’s circumstances have been thwarted all too often. But being in the shop… creating… and connecting is indeed a blessing and a stress reliever. Wood carving, for a time became an outlet for ministry and a way to allow the gospel to flow through me in public venues, competitions, museums, publications television spots, etc. where I could truly “be myself” and Just creatively on many different levels… share Christ. Although I have not been doing the large woodcarving’s much anymore and my focus has turned to specializing in Roman Swords and Scabbards, I still do a lot of hands on carving on a smaller scale and now my hands are trained to expand into metals such as brass, bronze, tin, silver and gold. Having works in museums has always been a passion and one that I have experienced many times over… but the true passion is the door that those talents open to be able to freely share the gospel to those who would never enter a church and now it has broadened to a larger world wide scale. You my friend, have been a part of that process for me. Whether it was directly, or indirectly… watching you bloom… has been an inspiration for me. Your kind words of encouragement have alsways pushed me forward, caused me to keep moving… even in my darkest hours… Thank you Nate, for your dedication to our Savior, your ministry, your passions for wood and creativity and your steadfastness. Keep it up… you are touching lives that will never tell you that you have and those are some of the greatest “secret rewards” that you won’t experience until heaven… and when He shows you and reveals to you the lines upon lines of those you touched and made a difference in. Love yah man! Keep making the floor cluttered with chips! –Patrick B. Pointer


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