My Son wins art award with ceramic set

My son Gabe Elarton, won the top Superintendent’s award at the Focus show! He went to the Toledo Art Museum to receive his prize and to be congratulated.  He is a good artist and did a lot of ceramics.  He is now a freshman. Proud of him! His teacher, Brent Douge, from Bedford High School, Temperance Michigan, had him for 4 years and entered his work. He is a great teacher in ceramics. All my kids love him.  The award went to the ceramic vases. He also entered himself in clay.  It was a fun night to go down there

Expressions and Butternut

This is what I have been working on in the last couple weeks. Still working and studying faces.  I tried my best at an expression. I followed a pic of a guys smiling.  The right face is in butternut. A joy to carve that stuff and I was gifted with some so I am very thankful.